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Top quality website design at affordable rates - our sites look like they cost a fortune, but they don't - that's the way it should be.


But there is no comparison - there is only ONE

- we are something many designers cannot claim to be both ethical and professional
- we go that extra mile for our customers
- we don't advertise - we don't have to
- we don't solicit customers away from other designers (how tacky!)
- we don't demean others to get work (even worse!)
- our websites speak for themselves and yours will too
- updates done within 24-72 hours upon receipt

If you want the best, you've made the first step by being here.

Now offering custom database-driven sites.

Do you want to save money and be able to update your website anywhere, anytime - as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Databases can be designed/customized for websites with components such as:

  • Horses for Sale, Winners Circle/Awards page, Newsletter, Photo Gallery, Foals/Babies/New Arrivals, Show String, Broodmares, Stallions at Stud, Dogs for Sale and much much more.

Imagine being able to take your own digital photographs or bring home your regular photos from the developer and downloading them into your computer of scanning them in and adding them to your website instantaneously! It's that easy - and customizable as to look, data fields, etc. Easy easy easy!!! We'll even help you with resizing your photos (extensive numbers of photo resizes will entail a fee).

The easiest way to update your own site(s) is to have a simple-to-use database(s) installed on your site. We can also design a database for you even if your site is not designed by As the database is property of, your database can be installed and remotely hosted right here at our server and then linked to your current website - and you too can update your website whenever you want to!!

When you contact us for your website design or redesign, be sure to ask about having a database-driven website!!

Pricing for databases depend entirely on customization and the number of databases you might want in your website - give us a call or email us anytime to inquire about how you can save not only money, but time waiting to have your updates done.

DATABASES that you see have been customized to customer's specifications - your database(s) DOES NOT have to look like theirs - they can be customized to suit your format. More sites listed on our Portfolio page.

Thank you for taking the first step towards creating your presence on the internet, by visiting my design site. No doubt you've found this site via a site or sites you've seen created by EquineDzynT or through the Search Engines. Now that curiosity has gotten the best of you, why not take a look through the sites designed to date, available from the Portfolio page. This will help you decide what you might want in your future website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here at EquineDzynT, we are very pleased to offer affordable web design, renovation, updating and hosting for your future or existing website.

Our goal is to work with you very closely to create a professional image to enhance your stallion, service, product or business, whether it be a single, one page web site to an extravagant multi-page website with lots of extra features, I'm sure I can create an image for the world to see and enjoy viewing.

With clients worldwide, we strive to work with you step-by-step, from start to finish until you are completely satisfied with your website.

At EquineDzynT, we specialize in websites for the Equine Industry, but are not restricted to that area of expertise - as you will see by visiting the Portfolio page and seeing the sites designed to date.

As you surf the different equine websites out there on the Internet, you will notice that each designer has their own distinctive style in designing, so the decision you have to make is "which style do you prefer"?  Then, the next decision is a little like choosing a vehicle:

  • do I buy an Austin Mini or a 1 Ton Ford Diesel Dually with the works?

  • do I want power windows, air conditioning and/or power door locks?

  • do I want an automatic or a 5-speed?

See? There are a lot of variables involved in a website - you can have a small website or a very large one - the choice is yours.

My advice to you, if you've not made up your mind about which designer to use, is simply to spend some time surfing the internet thoroughly, looking at all types of websites that fit into your criteria, then please feel free to e-mail or call us at 1-604-200-3224.

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