This domain name has been sold as part of an estate sale. Ownership will be completed soon.

If you are a customer past or present of this business, please take note that your domain names have been unlocked and as such, are able to be transferred to a new registrar and/or hosting company and/or web designer. Requests for transfers will be approved by our customer service department on a daily basis. All content is on the web server, which is owned by GoDaddy, which server hosting contract is finished in June of this year.

We want you to know that we do not have an association with the previous registrant(s), nor do we do any work for them, nor will we.

Along with the domain name, we are in possession of the email along with and due to several received emails, these will be discontinued as we are unable to help you with your inquiries.

Your website can be copied page by page to do with as you wish, as we will be moving the domain name elsewhere and since the server your domains are on is paid up for hosting until June of this year and has nothing to do with us, please feel free to copy your websites. When a copyright holder is no longer available, the works are no longer copyrighted.