Always Order Courier Service During Festive Seasons Early!

Not sure if you’ve ever tried to order courier services when a festive season is in full swing or just around the corner. If you have, you may meet similar circumstances as the people in the above video met. Most courier companies will experience a large surge in deliveries required during and right before a festive season such as Chinese New Year and Christmas in particular, in Singapore.

Therefore, regardless of what you’re delivering and what you’re ordering, make sure to always place your order way in advance with the courier company instead of leaving things to the last minute and hoping that things will turn out just fine because often, it won’t. You may have a chance of either receiving your package late or your item being slightly squashed due to the extreme amount of items to be delivered during the festive months in Singapore.

However, working with a reliable courier company will ensure that 99% of the time, it won’t happen to you. Always only work with a courier company which has great reviews online as well as with good word of mouth marketing working for them. You don’t want to work with an unreliable or unstable company. That’s the last thing you want to happen especially when the item you’re delivering is of high importance of significance to you and your intended recipient.

Most courier companies allow you to place orders early, therefore, you should always strive to do that as well to lower the chances and probability of your package arriving late to your intended recipient. This is especially the case if you’re talking about corporate gifting. It’s a terrible first impression if your gift only arrives at a person’s office 1 to 2 weeks later after the holiday itself (e.g. Christmas or Chinese New Year in Singapore). Although sometimes it’s the courier firm’s fault, you want to reduce the chances of that happening as well as you’re the one who’s going to live with the consequences, not them.

My Experience In Picking A Courier Company in Singapore

Picking the right Singapore courier company for your company’s needs may make or break your life. Sounds serious isn’t it? It really is serious. Trust me, I have worked with terrible and irresponsible courier companies in Singapore before and it’s a total pain. I can’t believe the kind of troubles I got into as a result of engaging late and slow couriers.

If you want to save yourself some headache – here are some tips to help you search and find that ideal courier company in Singapore to work with.

First of all, find out how to order with a courier company. Some courier companies have forms more complicated to fill than it is to buy a house. Why would I want to spend that much time and effort if the whole point of getting a courier company to help me pick up and deliver an item or document is to save me time and effort? It’s not just about the money I’m trying to save, in fact, sometimes it’s cheaper for me to deliver items myself. However, I’m trying to save something even more precious – time.

Second of all, most courier companies allow you to sign up for a credit contract. In such a case that your company requires a credit account with a courier company, make sure to either email or call these Singapore courier firms to find out their process. Some are more complicated and require lengthy contracts such as Network Courier Pte Ltd while others are simple and just require some basic information over online such as PCA Masters Pte Ltd. Every company has its strengths, just take note of all these points and get the right information you need before making your decision.

Third of all, I would recommend you to check out online places for reviews. Every company’s website will write as though they’re the best in Singapore. However, a quick look at independent online review sources may quickly show otherwise. May sure to check out online reviews before even bothering to approach a company.

Fourth of all, find out if the courier firm will actually notify you upon successful delivery of your item (document or parcel) and how they’ll do so. Some companies don’t notify you at all, while others will allow you to track your parcel yourself online, while others will even go the extra mile and notify you. It’s all about what you need.

Finally, find out the pricing. Some companies in Singapore charge a lot for urgent deliveries, while others charge more for distance. Whatever it is, just find out so you can make the right decision.

In a nutshell, always make sure to work with a company like or any other similar well-respected and trusted Singapore courier company if you want to ensure your deliveries always go smoothly. Hope that helped.

Courier Deliveries Within Singapore Central Business District

As Singapore is a very attractive place for corporations and offshore investments, there are lots of businesses in Singapore. In fact, it is one of the most densely business populated countries in the world. This is due to the favorable tax conditions. This also means that there are lots of business documents in Singapore – especially the Central Business District within Singapore. Tons of documents, cheques, contracts e.t.c. get delivered from one location and business to many others on a daily basis. Sometimes, Saturday and Sundays are also busy as a result of this high volume of international businesses conducting their business in Singapore.

As a result, courier service has become a staple in Singapore for businesses and employees alike. There is simply too many documents and cheques which need to be delivered and couriered on a daily basis that it simply makes no sense to drive around CBD (especially when parking fees are ridiculously high in the CBD). Most high powered executives would rather simply pass the item to a courier and have it couriered to the intended recipient as that would be able to save time and effort.

Here is a quick introduction to some of the most common courier requirements in Singapore’s Central Business District region.

  • Many companies need to collect and deposit cheques into the bank before 3pm on the same day so that the bank can process the cheque within the next working day. As such, many courier requirements are actually to pick up cheques and going to the bank. This is why you usually see many couriers queuing up at the local and international banks in the CBD region in Singapore on a near daily basis.
  • Many contracts need to be signed ASAP. Sometimes, it’s just a renewal, therefore, they simply get a courier to pass it to their vendor to get it done instead of manually doing it themselves.
  • Sometimes though, it may be a wealthy individual who needs some documents to be processed at a private bank and cannot be bothered wasting time travelling to get it done themselves. Hence, they would also contact a courier company to get it done for them.

Difference Between Postal And Courier Services In Singapore

First of all, before I knew anything about courier services, I never knew there was actually a difference between courier services and postal services in Singapore, and I never could understand why there were even couriers!

Today, I fully understand the full difference between courier service and postal services in Singapore.

Here are some of the main differences:

  • There is no accountability with respect to when your mail or document would get sent when it comes to using the post – it can take between 1 to 3 working days. When it comes to courier service, you’re able to select the exact time you want your recipient to have received it and it’ll be done.
  • There’s no accountability when it comes to post if your item (read: important contracts, cheques e.t.c.) gets lost. This is because the post office company does not care about tracking your item. That’s why it’s so darn cheap, because there’s no accountability! On the other hand, with courier services, you get full accountability. You will know whether it’s been delivered, and whether or not the recipient received it. Also, your item is usually insured by the courier company in the event it gets lost or damaged.
  • Courier service is usually meant for same day delivery or for medium sized items (e.g. parcels). You will be paying exorbitant fees for parcels through the postal system, but with courier service, you pay a similar fee but the courier will pick up the item from your pick up point without you needing to even leave the house or office! You get more convenience with similar prices.
  • You need to drop by the local / nearest post office or postage box to deliver your mail / document through mail. For courier service, you just need to open your house or office’s door to deliver your item as the courier will do everything else for you, including picking up door-to-door – that’s why you pay extra for a courier service.

What You Must Know About Parcel Deliveries In Singapore

Just like businesses conduct their operations slightly differently and price their services slightly different in every country, this is also the case for parcel deliveries in Singapore, and here are some things you need to know about parcel couriers in Singapore.

First of all, parcel delivery services in Singapore can be conducted by both deliverymen on bikes as well as deliverymen driving vans. This is due to the high cost of vehicle leasing and acquisition in Singapore. Most deliverymen in other developed countries would simply drive a van around, as it’s relatively cheap to own a van. However, due to sky high COE prices for vehicles in Singapore, many delivery companies simply get their couriers to purchase a bike, which is significantly cheaper. This means that bikers will take all small to medium sized parcels and courier these items instead of using a van to do it.

Second of all, parcel deliveries in Singapore would therefore have different prices. This is because some items can be delivered on a bike, while others like a big printer or a TV screen can only be couriered via a van. Because a van leasing cost significantly more than that of a bike, it means that costs would usually be higher for a deliveryman in a van to perform your parcel deliveries versus that of a bike courier.

Third of all, when it comes to parcel courier in Singapore, it is delivered as a as-is basis. You’re couriering the item, and not selling your E-commerce product. Therefore, the courier company will not be wrapping up your entire parcel only to deliver it. They’ll simply pick up whatever you have and deliver it.

Fourth of all, there are many courier companies in Singapore. Some will use cars, some will use vans while others will use bikes. Not a concern. Most courier companies are reliable .

Review Of Courier Companies In Singapore

There are lots and lots of courier companies in Singapore. Ranging from big to small. Ranging from one man operations to international powerhouses. Which courier company should you use, however, if you need courier services within Singapore? Which courier companies are the best in Singapore? Here’s a quick yet in-depth review of the various firms you can possibly engage in Singapore.

  1. PCA Masters.
    One of the newest leading firms in Singapore, PCA Masters has risen competitively to the top of the hyper competitive courier companies industry in Singapore with superior focus on customer service support as well as technology. With great economies of scale and quick 24/7 response time, they’re the go to company if you need an important delivery which cannot be messed up at all. If you need to pick up and deliver an extremely important document which you must have accountability for, use
  2. Network Courier
    One of the oldest companies in Singapore, Network has an extensive network of couriers all around Singapore. Due to its large customer base, it’s able to afford deliveries on most days of the week. Most single man operations have no chance against a corporate entity like Network Courier because of the great economies of scale it’s able to reap as a result of doing business for many years.
  3. DHL
    Although it’s an international courier company, it has quite an extensive network in Singapore. This is because DHL’s South East Asia hub is based in Singapore, that’s probably the reason why. DHL is definitely one of the world’s most trusted courier firms, and it’s definitely a good choice if you want an international brand for your courier deliveries in Singapore.


Working as a bike courier

If you’re considering a career switch into the courier industry, then you should first find out first hand about the experiences in being a motorcycle courier. Most of the times, especially in Singapore, motorcycle couriers will need to use their own motorcycle for the deliveries. The jobs would either be subcontracted out to them or the couriers would be full timers, but the bikes would usually be owned by the courier himself.

This is a great job if you already have your own bike. This is because you get to do what most bikers love – riding your bike and making money! This is the best combination for bike lovers, isn’t it?

If you want such as job, check out and contact PCA Masters at #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969 or call them at 6681 5781.

Here’s a word based version of the above video:

  • As a biker courier, you would be required to report to work at various parts across the island of Singapore. This is because you would likely be dealing with both ad hoc as well as regular deliveries. When it comes to small item ad hoc deliveries, both the pick up and delivery points can be at very different places throughout Singapore – hence your starting point can be in the East one day, and North another.
  • The main advantage as a bike courier is that you can squeeze through traffic. Therefore, even in a regular traffic jam, you would not really be affected and are still able to make the money you want as you can squeeze in between the other vehicles on the tiny roads in Singapore. Thank your stars.
  • You would only need to work 5 days a week, as almost nobody couriers anything on the weekends in Singapore. This is great news for those who are conscious about having a better work-life balance. Being a courier affords you this great luxury which you would be hard pressed to find in any other office jobs in Singapore.

State of Courier Deliveries In Singapore

Now, if you have ordered courier service in Singapore before, you would realize that most companies require a lot of work and hassle before you can even order one. You need to provide them with lots of background information and basically 20 minutes worth of information (feels like) and then you press submit only to wait for them to contact you. What a waste of time. Most websites need you to submit a very very lengthy form before you even get a response from them.

The main reason i want to use courier service is to save effort and time, not spend some money to waste even more time and effort.

Thankfully I found a website which is relatively fast and simple to use, They have some instant quotation thingy on their website, which you just need to type in the postal codes and press a few buttons and you’ll get a quotation. To order, you just need to press ‘order’ with your contact and the recipient’s contact details and pay. After that, they’ll process the order on the backend for you. It’s that simple.

In my opinion, courier service is something which should be simple to purchase, but it’s so agonizingly hard for most courier services websites in Singapore, which is bad. Only a few websites make the purchase process a pleasure. I have had the opportunity to work with PCA Masters, and found ordering courier services with them an absolute breeze. In my opinion, if you need local courier services in Singapore, definitely look for They offer excellent and fast customer service support for their enquiries as well as their services. I don’t ever feel like they are selling me, but are providing a service to me instead. Even when I called to make a simple enquiry but not purchasing, they provided phenomenal customer service support which I’ve never heard before in this industry in Singapore. Amazing local courier company.