Difference Between Postal And Courier Services In Singapore

First of all, before I knew anything about courier services, I never knew there was actually a difference between courier services and postal services in Singapore, and I never could understand why there were even couriers!

Today, I fully understand the full difference between courier service and postal services in Singapore.

Here are some of the main differences:

  • There is no accountability with respect to when your mail or document would get sent when it comes to using the post – it can take between 1 to 3 working days. When it comes to courier service, you’re able to select the exact time you want your recipient to have received it and it’ll be done.
  • There’s no accountability when it comes to post if your item (read: important contracts, cheques e.t.c.) gets lost. This is because the post office company does not care about tracking your item. That’s why it’s so darn cheap, because there’s no accountability! On the other hand, with courier services, you get full accountability. You will know whether it’s been delivered, and whether or not the recipient received it. Also, your item is usually insured by the courier company in the event it gets lost or damaged.
  • Courier service is usually meant for same day delivery or for medium sized items (e.g. parcels). You will be paying exorbitant fees for parcels through the postal system, but with courier service, you pay a similar fee but the courier will pick up the item from your pick up point without you needing to even leave the house or office! You get more convenience with similar prices.
  • You need to drop by the local / nearest post office or postage box to deliver your mail / document through mail. For courier service, you just need to open your house or office’s door to deliver your item as the courier will do everything else for you, including picking up door-to-door – that’s why you pay extra for a courier service.

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