My Experience In Picking A Courier Company in Singapore

Picking the right Singapore courier company for your company’s needs may make or break your life. Sounds serious isn’t it? It really is serious. Trust me, I have worked with terrible and irresponsible courier companies in Singapore before and it’s a total pain. I can’t believe the kind of troubles I got into as a result of engaging late and slow couriers.

If you want to save yourself some headache – here are some tips to help you search and find that ideal courier company in Singapore to work with.

First of all, find out how to order with a courier company. Some courier companies have forms more complicated to fill than it is to buy a house. Why would I want to spend that much time and effort if the whole point of getting a courier company to help me pick up and deliver an item or document is to save me time and effort? It’s not just about the money I’m trying to save, in fact, sometimes it’s cheaper for me to deliver items myself. However, I’m trying to save something even more precious – time.

Second of all, most courier companies allow you to sign up for a credit contract. In such a case that your company requires a credit account with a courier company, make sure to either email or call these Singapore courier firms to find out their process. Some are more complicated and require lengthy contracts such as Network Courier Pte Ltd while others are simple and just require some basic information over online such as PCA Masters Pte Ltd. Every company has its strengths, just take note of all these points and get the right information you need before making your decision.

Third of all, I would recommend you to check out online places for reviews. Every company’s website will write as though they’re the best in Singapore. However, a quick look at independent online review sources may quickly show otherwise. May sure to check out online reviews before even bothering to approach a company.

Fourth of all, find out if the courier firm will actually notify you upon successful delivery of your item (document or parcel) and how they’ll do so. Some companies don’t notify you at all, while others will allow you to track your parcel yourself online, while others will even go the extra mile and notify you. It’s all about what you need.

Finally, find out the pricing. Some companies in Singapore charge a lot for urgent deliveries, while others charge more for distance. Whatever it is, just find out so you can make the right decision.

In a nutshell, always make sure to work with a company like or any other similar well-respected and trusted Singapore courier company if you want to ensure your deliveries always go smoothly. Hope that helped.

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