How Do I Become An Escort In Singapore?

Considering becoming a female social escort in Singapore? Great, this is the right article for you. This article is for those who have already made the mental decision to become one.

Step 1: You should only join a licensed agency. Reason being? If you join an unlicensed agency, they can be shut down any moment and you will be left alone.

Step 2: How do you even find social escort agencies given the highly secretive nature of the industry? Easy. Thankfully for Google and the Internet, just a quick search online on Google or Yellow Pages will show you a list of social escort agencies. Click on their website and look through it. If you are comfortable with them, then proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Shortlist 2-3 social escort agencies you feel like joining and which you think is legitimate. Do note that many websites are actually defunct and their contact numbers unreachable. Make sure to reach out to them if you want to apply for a part time escort job there, as not all escort agencies in Singapore are still operating.

Step 4: Send in your application. Usually, a social escort agency will ask for several key things for them to shortlist you. They are namely your age, height and weight (or vital statistics for certain agencies) as well as your race and nationality. Also required are your face and body photographs.

Step 5: Wait for the shortlist. Most Singapore agencies like SGVIP, one of the more established agencies in Singapore, take only 1 or 2 days to get back to you, after which there will usually be either an in person interview or phone interview. They will then explain what is to be expected of you over the call or meeting.

Step 6: They will usually get you to sign a service agreement, which is similar to joining Uber or Lyft, as you are an independent contractor. They will then take photographs of you to be placed on their website or ask you for photographs for marketing purposes.

Step 7: Once the description of you and the photographs are complete, your profile will be up on their website and you will now be awaiting clients.

Just need to keep in mind that small agencies like to talk big and any agencies that claims they can help you make $30000 per month immediately are straight up lying to you. Those are gross exaggerations because most escorts in Singapore are part timers, and work at most a few times a week. This means that if you are popular, making an extra $2000 to $5000 per month from escort job is very easy. Additionally, any agencies that ask money up front from you are lying to you, as no legitimate agency will make profits from you directly. They will simply get a cut of the fee that the clients pay to you.

Do Social Escorts Necessarily Have Sex With Their Clients?

Well, the short answer is no. The long answer is really long and I urge you to read this article in full if you want to know. If you are considering a job as a social escort with a local Singapore agency, then this is a must read article.

First of all, social escorts are not supposed to have sexual relations with their clients. This is literally written in their name – social escorts. If they were supposed to have sex with their clients or engage in such related activities, the job will be called a prostitute.

So why then do you read much in the papers and Straits Times that the social escort was caught? That’s the single biggest piece of misinformation by the media, and thankfully due to the current President of the United States Donald Trump, fewer people are taking the media by their words and actually reading the law directly instead.

Social escort agencies which are illegal are so for two reasons. First of all, they are not registered and yet are operating in Singapore. This immediately classifies them as running an illegal business. Second of all, those which are illegal sell sexual services. Any legal and licensed agency will know better than to provide sexual services to their clients. A legal social escort agency in Singapore will only sell companionship and the escort model’s time.

Now your next question if you are considering a career as a escort will be – then why are there escorts who have sex with their clients? Assuming these escorts were working under legal agencies, it’s their own choice between them and the client to engage in other activities, whether or not the escort herself is compensated for it. Social escort services are basically like a short-term Tinder. They simply match you up with a client, and dating and girlfriend experience is guaranteed. However, sex is off the table and will be written in the legal terms and conditions as long as you are with a legal agency. But if you and the client insists on doing it, nobody can stop you two as you two are legally considered adults and should make your own life’s decisions.

Is There A Difference Between Social Escorts And Prostitutes In Singapore?

Escorts and prostitutes may be used interchangeable in other countries, but it is not the case in certain countries, like in Singapore. In Singapore, social escorts only provide time and romantic companionship to the client (want more info? Check out this local SG social escort agency’s Twitter page). Anything more, has to be discussed directly between the client and the escort and is outside of the purview of social escort services and the agency if there is an agency.

There are some clients who mistakenly think that escorts are call girls, but that’s not true in Singapore. Escorts are a legal service in Singapore, but call girls which is the same as prostitutes are not. Escorts do not provide sexual services, and if they do, it’s of their own consent after discussion with the clients. However, call girls and prostitutes sell sex, and they cannot reject the clients’ advances.

Now comes the important question – do escorts even provide sexual services in Singapore? The even more important answer is – no they strictly do not as part of their job. But if you are a gentleman and there is a mutual agreement / consent between both of you in your private discussion, there are cases where clients engage in sexual activities with the escort. It is basically like Tinder, does using Tinder help you get a date? Yes. Does it help you get other activities or services? No. But can you and the girl do it on your own accord with both parties’ private consent? Yes, but that’s not part of Tinder’s service and they do not imply that either.

The above is the key difference between social escorts and prostitutes in Singapore. Therefore, I highly recommend that you go to the red light district in Geylang in Singapore if sex is what you want. However, if you want the complete girlfriend experience, then engage a social escort in Singapore. This is because social escorts strictly do not provide sexual services as part of their job.

No Girlfriend In Singapore? No Problem!

Most men will be worried if they will ever get a girlfriend, or experience how it feels like having a girlfriend if they are ‘forever alone’ since young till their 20s. This is only natural, and if you are a single guy in your 20s or 30s or even 40s and reading this, I have a quick fix for you if you want to get the girlfriend experience (companionship, no sex please).

What you can do, is to engage a social escort. Social escorts are different from prostitutes. I highly do NOT recommend you look for a prostitute, unless you are just horny. This is because if you want the true girlfriend experience of having a girlfriend and going on dates, engaging the services of a local social escort is a much better choice. Social escorts are well known to be highly educated, classy and eloquent ladies who will accompany their clients to events or private dates and act as your girlfriend and romantic companion. One such agency you can engage services from is SGVIP Services Pte Ltd.

Why do I recommend you look for a social escort instead of looking for a girlfriend straightaway? Chances are, if you are still single in your 20s, 30s or 40s, you will be quite well to do, just that you may not have the confidence yet to immediately get a girlfriend. Therefore, to build up your confidence, you want to interact with girls in a romantic manner, and there is no better and guaranteed way than to engage a social escort. When you are single for your entire life, there is a higher possibility that you put girls on a pedestal and be very afraid of rejection and never be able to find a girl. However, when you engage a social escort, you will be able to get the girlfriend experience, and you will be less desperate afterwards. A few more engagements, and you will be completely confident. It is at this point where with your new found confidence, you will be able to easily get a girlfriend!

Although the above is a pretty unique way of getting a girlfriend in Singapore, it is the easiest and best way to do so if you have never gotten one before!

Here’s an (old) video of a local social escort explaining about the girlfriend experience.