Social Escort Job Description (In Singapore)

Social escorts in Singapore are basically very attractive female models who will accompany their clients to private dates and/or public social events and be a temporary partner / girlfriend. Most clients who engage social escorts are wealthy business executives, simply because Singaporean social escorts are in extremely high demand and cost a lot.

Clients pay social escorts by the hour, and these escorts will then accompany the clients around. It’s very important to note that escorts only sell their own time, as it is strictly illegal to sell sex or sexual services in Singapore.

Although there are cases where escorts are engaged for bedroom activities, this is actually not included in the services. Most established and legitimate agencies in Singapore will definitely list out this point that they do not sell it. In the rare case that such activities do occur, the clients are responsible for negotiating that with the escort in a private agreement, although the escort is always allowed to reject, because it is strictly not in their job scope.

It is like how an insurance agent in Singapore is also known as a financial planner, and they only sell insurance. However, are there cases where the planner sleeps with the client? Yes. But is that part of their services? No.

There’s a fine but very clear legal line which agencies stick to and never cross, and you want to make sure only to work for agencies which stick to the legal side of the line.

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