Courier Deliveries Within Singapore Central Business District

As Singapore is a very attractive place for corporations and offshore investments, there are lots of businesses in Singapore. In fact, it is one of the most densely business populated countries in the world. This is due to the favorable tax conditions. This also means that there are lots of business documents in Singapore – especially the Central Business District within Singapore. Tons of documents, cheques, contracts e.t.c. get delivered from one location and business to many others on a daily basis. Sometimes, Saturday and Sundays are also busy as a result of this high volume of international businesses conducting their business in Singapore.

As a result, courier service has become a staple in Singapore for businesses and employees alike. There is simply too many documents and cheques which need to be delivered and couriered on a daily basis that it simply makes no sense to drive around CBD (especially when parking fees are ridiculously high in the CBD). Most high powered executives would rather simply pass the item to a courier and have it couriered to the intended recipient as that would be able to save time and effort.

Here is a quick introduction to some of the most common courier requirements in Singapore’s Central Business District region.

  • Many companies need to collect and deposit cheques into the bank before 3pm on the same day so that the bank can process the cheque within the next working day. As such, many courier requirements are actually to pick up cheques and going to the bank. This is why you usually see many couriers queuing up at the local and international banks in the CBD region in Singapore on a near daily basis.
  • Many contracts need to be signed ASAP. Sometimes, it’s just a renewal, therefore, they simply get a courier to pass it to their vendor to get it done instead of manually doing it themselves.
  • Sometimes though, it may be a wealthy individual who needs some documents to be processed at a private bank and cannot be bothered wasting time travelling to get it done themselves. Hence, they would also contact a courier company to get it done for them.