What You Must Know About Parcel Deliveries In Singapore

Just like businesses conduct their operations slightly differently and price their services slightly different in every country, this is also the case for parcel deliveries in Singapore, and here are some things you need to know about parcel couriers in Singapore.

First of all, parcel delivery services in Singapore can be conducted by both deliverymen on bikes as well as deliverymen driving vans. This is due to the high cost of vehicle leasing and acquisition in Singapore. Most deliverymen in other developed countries would simply drive a van around, as it’s relatively cheap to own a van. However, due to sky high COE prices for vehicles in Singapore, many delivery companies simply get their couriers to purchase a bike, which is significantly cheaper. This means that bikers will take all small to medium sized parcels and courier these items instead of using a van to do it.

Second of all, parcel deliveries in Singapore would therefore have different prices. This is because some items can be delivered on a bike, while others like a big printer or a TV screen can only be couriered via a van. Because a van leasing cost significantly more than that of a bike, it means that costs would usually be higher for a deliveryman in a van to perform your parcel deliveries versus that of a bike courier.

Third of all, when it comes to parcel courier in Singapore, it is delivered as a as-is basis. You’re couriering the item, and not selling your E-commerce product. Therefore, the courier company will not be wrapping up your entire parcel only to deliver it. They’ll simply pick up whatever you have and deliver it.

Fourth of all, there are many courier companies in Singapore. Some will use cars, some will use vans while others will use bikes. Not a concern. Most courier companies are reliable .