State of Courier Deliveries In Singapore

Now, if you have ordered courier service in Singapore before, you would realize that most companies require a lot of work and hassle before you can even order one. You need to provide them with lots of background information and basically 20 minutes worth of information (feels like) and then you press submit only to wait for them to contact you. What a waste of time. Most websites need you to submit a very very lengthy form before you even get a response from them.

The main reason i want to use courier service is to save effort and time, not spend some money to waste even more time and effort.

Thankfully I found a website which is relatively fast and simple to use, They have some instant quotation thingy on their website, which you just need to type in the postal codes and press a few buttons and you’ll get a quotation. To order, you just need to press ‘order’ with your contact and the recipient’s contact details and pay. After that, they’ll process the order on the backend for you. It’s that simple.

In my opinion, courier service is something which should be simple to purchase, but it’s so agonizingly hard for most courier services websites in Singapore, which is bad. Only a few websites make the purchase process a pleasure. I have had the opportunity to work with PCA Masters, and found ordering courier services with them an absolute breeze. In my opinion, if you need local courier services in Singapore, definitely look for They offer excellent and fast customer service support for their enquiries as well as their services. I don’t ever feel like they are selling me, but are providing a service to me instead. Even when I called to make a simple enquiry but not purchasing, they provided phenomenal customer service support which I’ve never heard before in this industry in Singapore. Amazing local courier company.