Working as a bike courier

If you’re considering a career switch into the courier industry, then you should first find out first hand about the experiences in being a motorcycle courier. Most of the times, especially in Singapore, motorcycle couriers will need to use their own motorcycle for the deliveries. The jobs would either be subcontracted out to them or the couriers would be full timers, but the bikes would usually be owned by the courier himself.

This is a great job if you already have your own bike. This is because you get to do what most bikers love – riding your bike and making money! This is the best combination for bike lovers, isn’t it?

If you want such as job, check out and contact PCA Masters at #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969 or call them at 6681 5781.

Here’s a word based version of the above video:

  • As a biker courier, you would be required to report to work at various parts across the island of Singapore. This is because you would likely be dealing with both ad hoc as well as regular deliveries. When it comes to small item ad hoc deliveries, both the pick up and delivery points can be at very different places throughout Singapore – hence your starting point can be in the East one day, and North another.
  • The main advantage as a bike courier is that you can squeeze through traffic. Therefore, even in a regular traffic jam, you would not really be affected and are still able to make the money you want as you can squeeze in between the other vehicles on the tiny roads in Singapore. Thank your stars.
  • You would only need to work 5 days a week, as almost nobody couriers anything on the weekends in Singapore. This is great news for those who are conscious about having a better work-life balance. Being a courier affords you this great luxury which you would be hard pressed to find in any other office jobs in Singapore.