No Girlfriend In Singapore? No Problem!

Most men will be worried if they will ever get a girlfriend, or experience how it feels like having a girlfriend if they are ‘forever alone’ since young till their 20s. This is only natural, and if you are a single guy in your 20s or 30s or even 40s and reading this, I have a quick fix for you if you want to get the girlfriend experience (companionship, no sex please).

What you can do, is to engage a social escort. Social escorts are different from prostitutes. I highly do NOT recommend you look for a prostitute, unless you are just horny. This is because if you want the true girlfriend experience of having a girlfriend and going on dates, engaging the services of a local social escort is a much better choice. Social escorts are well known to be highly educated, classy and eloquent ladies who will accompany their clients to events or private dates and act as your girlfriend and romantic companion. One such agency you can engage services from is SGVIP Services Pte Ltd.

Why do I recommend you look for a social escort instead of looking for a girlfriend straightaway? Chances are, if you are still single in your 20s, 30s or 40s, you will be quite well to do, just that you may not have the confidence yet to immediately get a girlfriend. Therefore, to build up your confidence, you want to interact with girls in a romantic manner, and there is no better and guaranteed way than to engage a social escort. When you are single for your entire life, there is a higher possibility that you put girls on a pedestal and be very afraid of rejection and never be able to find a girl. However, when you engage a social escort, you will be able to get the girlfriend experience, and you will be less desperate afterwards. A few more engagements, and you will be completely confident. It is at this point where with your new found confidence, you will be able to easily get a girlfriend!

Although the above is a pretty unique way of getting a girlfriend in Singapore, it is the easiest and best way to do so if you have never gotten one before!

Here’s an (old) video of a local social escort explaining about the girlfriend experience.

Social Escort Job Description (In Singapore)

Social escorts in Singapore are basically very attractive female models who will accompany their clients to private dates and/or public social events and be a temporary partner / girlfriend. Most clients who engage social escorts are wealthy business executives, simply because Singaporean social escorts are in extremely high demand and cost a lot.

Clients pay social escorts by the hour, and these escorts will then accompany the clients around. It’s very important to note that escorts only sell their own time, as it is strictly illegal to sell sex or sexual services in Singapore.

Although there are cases where escorts are engaged for bedroom activities, this is actually not included in the services. Most established and legitimate agencies in Singapore will definitely list out this point that they do not sell it. In the rare case that such activities do occur, the clients are responsible for negotiating that with the escort in a private agreement, although the escort is always allowed to reject, because it is strictly not in their job scope.

It is like how an insurance agent in Singapore is also known as a financial planner, and they only sell insurance. However, are there cases where the planner sleeps with the client? Yes. But is that part of their services? No.

There’s a fine but very clear legal line which agencies stick to and never cross, and you want to make sure only to work for agencies which stick to the legal side of the line.

If you are looking to explore a career as a social escort in Singapore and date wealthy men while getting paid, then definitely check out some of the legitimate agencies in Singapore like SG VIP Escorts – check out their LinkedIn┬ápage and apply for a job there or simply explore more frequently asked questions on their LinkedIn.

Dating A Singaporean Social Escort Model

First of all, if you are like me, you like local Singaporean girls, and therefore, only want to date them. A quick search online on forums will tell you that most social escort agencies in Singapore deal with Vietnamese or Thailand foreigners. If you want good local social escort models instead, then there really are only a few options.

The first option will be SG Model Escorts. One of the older social escort agencies in Singapore, many of their escorts are actually local girls. They do provide some foreigners and they even have male escorts. But they’re among the rare few agencies in Singapore which actually provide legitimate locals.

The second option will be SG VIP Escorts. A new and popular social escort agency, they specialize only in local Singaporean girls according to their website. This means that if you want to engage a local girl only as your social escort, then they will definitely be a good choice.

I have to say that other than the two above mentioned agencies, not many other agencies provide local girl services. In fact, I would say that the other agencies that do provide local girls, don’t have any actually attractive looking Singaporeans. I personally see no point in engaging a foreign model, and the main reason is that they cost much cheaper at Orchard Towers as well as Geylang, why would I pay 10 times the price to get the same type of model? It’s a waste of my money. I want locals, because they are really hard to find, so that’s why I resort to agencies.