Do Social Escorts Necessarily Have Sex With Their Clients?

Well, the short answer is no. The long answer is really long and I urge you to read this article in full if you want to know. If you are considering a job as a social escort with a local Singapore agency, then this is a must read article.

First of all, social escort girls are not supposed to have sexual relations with their clients. This is literally written in their name – social escorts. If they were supposed to have sex with their clients or engage in such related activities, the job will be called a prostitute.

So why then do you read much in the papers and Straits Times that the social escort was caught? That’s the single biggest piece of misinformation by the media, and thankfully due to the current President of the United States Donald Trump, fewer people are taking the media by their words and actually reading the law directly instead.

Social escort agencies which are illegal are so for two reasons. First of all, they are not registered and yet are operating in Singapore. This immediately classifies them as running an illegal business. Second of all, those which are illegal sell sexual services. Any legal and licensed agency will know better than to provide sexual services to their clients. A legal social escort agency in Singapore will only sell companionship and the escort model’s time.

Now your next question if you are considering a career as a escort will be – then why are there escorts who have sex with their clients? Assuming these escorts were working under legal agencies, it’s their own choice between them and the client to engage in other activities, whether or not the escort herself is compensated for it. Social escort services are basically like a short-term Tinder. They simply match you up with a client, and dating and girlfriend experience is guaranteed. However, sex is off the table and will be written in the legal terms and conditions as long as you are with a legal agency. But if you and the client insists on doing it, nobody can stop you two as you two are legally considered adults and should make your own life’s decisions.