How To Start Work As An Escort In Singapore?

If you have always wanted to start working as an escort in Singapore, then you absolutely have to read this post.

As a social escort, your job is vastly different from most other people, and a hostess is usually the closest you get to a social escort.

Did you know that as an escort in Singapore, sex is not part of the job? As a social escort, your role is basically to be a female, romantic companion to your clients. (Yes you read it right, sex should never be part of the job, and is your own private choice. Any escort agencies which ask you to have sex is a prostitution house in disguise, and you should report them to the police force for illegal activities.)

You will accompany your clients, who are usually wealthy men in their 30s to 40s to events or perhaps on a private date. In other words, you are simply posing as their other romantic half during the time of the date. It is absolutely crucial to understand that while you are NOT a prostitute, you should NOT act like a stranger on a first date if you want to be a social escort. Hand holding, arm holding and providing the girlfriend experience to your clients (e.g. calling them sweet names) is perfectly normal and legal and very often expected. Some girls may not feel comfortable with that initially when they first start work, but they are paid so much that they just do it eventually. If you are offended by such things, save yourself a headache and don’t be an escort. You won’t make it even on the first date.

But if you want to be a social escort in Singapore after reading the above, then here is an escort company having job recruitment right now.

Another common question among women who want to start work as an escort in Singapore is whether you can pick your clients. The answer is yes, but if you want to be picky, you will generally get fewer clients. This is just normal. If you are an escort in Singapore, chances are you will get a lot of Asian (Indonesian Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese and Indian) clients in particular. If for example you don’t want to meet a Chinese client, then you will have essentially shut out 50% or more of your potential client base. Therefore, it is best to be open minded and be ok with being a social escort with anyone as long as they pay you well and treat you with respect.

Last but not least, if you want to be a social escort in Singapore, chances are, you may still be worried that somebody you know may identify your photos online. Therefore, it’s important to always only use images which cannot be used to identify you (e.g. use ONLY photos which will and have never been circulated on your own social media profiles before). Of course, finding a legal agency in Singapore will also guarantee that your privacy will be protected at all times.

So there you have it. Those are the big tips you must know before you start work as an escort with an agency in Singapore. Hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to share and bookmark this article if you liked it!

How Do I Become An Escort In Singapore?

Considering becoming a female social escort in Singapore? Great, this is the right article for you. This article is for those who have already made the mental decision to become one.

Step 1: You should only join a licensed agency. Reason being? If you join an unlicensed agency, they can be shut down any moment and you will be left alone.

Step 2: How do you even find social escort agencies given the highly secretive nature of the industry? Easy. Thankfully for Google and the Internet, just a quick search online on Google or Yellow Pages will show you a list of social escort agencies. Click on their website and look through it. If you are comfortable with them, then proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Shortlist 2-3 social escort agencies you feel like joining and which you think is legitimate. Do note that many websites are actually defunct and their contact numbers unreachable. Make sure to reach out to them if you want to apply for a part time escort job there, as not all escort agencies in Singapore are still operating.

Step 4: Send in your application. Usually, a social escort agency will ask for several key things for them to shortlist you. They are namely your age, height and weight (or vital statistics for certain agencies) as well as your race and nationality. Also required are your face and body photographs.

Step 5: Wait for the shortlist. Most Singapore agencies like SGVIP, one of the more established agencies in Singapore, take only 1 or 2 days to get back to you, after which there will usually be either an in person interview or phone interview. They will then explain what is to be expected of you over the call or meeting.

Step 6: They will usually get you to sign a service agreement, which is similar to joining Uber or Lyft, as you are an independent contractor. They will then take photographs of you to be placed on their website or ask you for photographs for marketing purposes.

Step 7: Once the description of you and the photographs are complete, your profile will be up on their website and you will now be awaiting clients.

Just need to keep in mind that small agencies like to talk big and any agencies that claims they can help you make $30000 per month immediately are straight up lying to you. Those are gross exaggerations because most escorts in Singapore are part timers, and work at most a few times a week. This means that if you are popular, making an extra $2000 to $5000 per month from escort job is very easy. Additionally, any agencies that ask money up front from you are lying to you, as no legitimate agency will make profits from you directly. They will simply get a cut of the fee that the clients pay to you.